Sales Mapping Software with the Wide Functionality

Sales Mapping Software System - ServQuest™, Prism Dispatch™, MiniMate™

If your company performing outside sales, the sales mapping software is a needful tool without which it is difficult and, even, impossible to be competitive in such a quickly changing world. Customers want to receive high-quality goods and services quickly in a convenient place for them and at the right time.

For almost thirty years, our company has been designing business solutions. Today, we can offer current clients and potential customers a variety of desktop, mobile, and web software. We pay special attention to the development of the route accounting software and the sales mapping software in particular.

Our unique sales software system includes desktop, mobile, and web applications that are grouped into specialized packages:

  • ServQuest™ – the desktop software package enabling companies to perform effective route management; 
  • Prism Dispatch™ – the desktop software package enabling companies to perform the efficient route optimization and dispatching;

  • MiniMate™ – the mobile application enabling route sales representatives to perform their job without the data connection; 
  • Web Store – web software enabling companies to perform e-commerce; 
  • Order Connector – the ERP software solution enabling easy integration of our computer programs with other applications, including Google Maps and accounting software systems.

What makes Prism VS’s route mapping software ideal for your company?

  • reasonable setup costs
  • easy to install and use
  • wide functionality 
  • easy integration with the best-in-class software
  • easy customization
  • scalability 
  • high security of business data 
  • systematic upgrading 
  • qualified support
 Prism VS’s route mapping software
Prism Visual Software's sales mapping efficiency

Clients using Prism VS’s sales mapping solution report for:

  • Increasing productivity of the sales representatives; 
  • Creating more leads; 
  • Closing more deals;
  • Increasing customer retention; 
  • Increasing route sales representatives safety;
  • Faster integration of business software;
  • Jumping in sales revenue.