Sales Management Software for Route Sales Companies

The sales management software system allows automating your route sales process

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers companies specialized in the route sales and sales management software that helps sales managers in acquisition and verification products and creating sales routes and enables route sales representatives to provide effective route sales with the closed deals.

Our sales management software allows:

  • to automate your route sales process and save time spent on time-consuming manual work;
  • to provide effective inventory management;
  • to prevent out-of-stock in your warehouse;
  • to have access to the previous customers' interactions and route sales history;
  • your sales team to focus on route sales activities and not on administrative office work;

  • your route sales representatives to have access to information in the centralized database anytime from anywhere;
  • automate tracking the route sales agents time;
  • to provide route sales agents with the helpful notes that can help salespeople to take effective actions for carrying forward the conversation with a customer(s) and closing the deal;
  • to easily sell services and products your current and potential customers;
  • to gauge and analyze the route sales effectiveness in each individual area and on the whole;
  • to efficiently capture data that helps sales managers and route sales representatives to make accurate forecasts;
  • to improve sales through accurate forecasting;
  • to make a route sales representative’s job more simple;
  • to provide real-time sales performance tracking;
  • to calculate the returns you get from each sold item;
  • to save money spent on less effective products and focus on sales the lucrative ones;
  • to create, execute, and manage campaigns in less time and with fewer employees;
  • to increase your route sales and as a result, your company’s profit;
  • to get quicker feedback on investments;
  • customization in the purpose to meet your business needs and requirements;
  • simple installation without any specific requirements;
  • easy integration with your accounting software via Prism’s Order Connector.
Route sales management software

Summarizing all above, we can only add that we hope such as many benefits of using Prism's sales management software enthuse you to contact us and start to use our sales software applications with the purpose to boost your business.