Sales Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Enterprise resource planning - ERP system for sales companies

The ERP system for sales enables:

  • simplifying the selling process of commodities and services
  • accelerating sales cycles and streamlining sales processes
  • tracking customer activities and interactions
  • engaging customers and accelerating buying decisions
  • automated price calculations
  • differential invoicing and streamlining the invoicing process
  • creating and monitoring commodity and service sales contracts
  • linking between marketing and sales
  • managing sales efficiently and collaboratively
  • creating and maintaining customer account data
  • sharing information about customer account activities to the team members
  • planning visits to customers
  • build strong relationships with customers
  • having real-time information about sales performance and making proactive corrections
  • analyzing sales opportunities and developing proposals
  • high-quality service across inbound and outbound contacts
  • real-time monitoring sales and delivery processes
  • increasing customer satisfaction
  • comparing sales results and improving sales productivity
  • monitoring the current sales performance and estimating future performance
  • cost savings and increasing profit margins and revenue

Today, sales companies are working in a competitive environment and need all the time to look for new and new technologies for increasing their profitability. First of all, to maximize profit and increase revenue, companies performing products and services sales should:

  •     make the right and profitable pricing decision,
  •     determine customer-specific prices,
  •     use real-time pricing insights,
  •     realize the value-based selling.
ERP software system

The industry-specific software, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, helps companies to manage their businesses and automate most operations related to their technologies, services, and human resources. As a solution to the line of business, the sales ERP system helps to organized selling smarter anytime and anywhere.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. provides the ERP system for companies performing route sales, pre-order deliveries, and equipment service that meet the industry’s specific requirements. To have more information about the ERP system provided by Prism Visual Software, Inc., contact us today at 516-944-5920 or via e-mail.