Sale Contact Management Software for Better Results

Email marketing software

Constant contacts make it easy for any company to succeed. Connect with your current clients and potential customers with contact management software.

Email marketing helps accelerate sales via:

  • growing the email contact list;
  • identifying and grouping like contacts to create more targeted contact lists and send more pertinent emails; 
  • turning email contacts into followers on social accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others; 
  • reaching more people and building stronger customer connections; 
  • creating more targeted emails by taking into account customers preferences; 
  • getting emails delivered, opened and read; 
  • sending emails that will work on customers’ smartphones and tablets; 
  • sending personalized welcome, birthday, and anniversary emails; 
  • increasing the number of clicks by adding visually impactful calls-to-action;
  • inviting to upcoming events; 
  • embedding promote images and videos in emails; 
  • driving customer engagement.

Great features that make sale contact management software powerful:

  • easily uploading the list of current contacts wherever they store; 
  • categorizing contacts with tags to send the right message to right groups;
  • automatically updating subscribed and unsubscribed contacts; 
  • eliminating duplicate contacts; 
  • easily sign up on the phone; 
  • automatically sending personalized welcome emails to new customers; 
  • creating automated lists for sending scheduled emails; 
  • email design templates with a vast range of colors, fonts, borders, backgrounds, and more;
  • monitoring sent emails, opened emails, clicks, and more; 
  • tracking desktop and mobile email open rates and comparing them; 
  • measuring campaigns’ performance and comparing campaigns; 
  • collecting feedbacks with customizable polls and reviews; 
  • handling unsubscribes, bounced, and inactive emails; 
  • in-depth customized reporting.
sale contact management software

Email marketing is an important aspect of the sales process. Improve your email marketing, and your sales will increase.

Do you want to achieve real results? Start to use sale contact management software. Connect with your customers to drive sales in new ways: online surveys, live events, trackable coupons, and more.