Sage Software Solutions

Sage software includes accounting and finances solutions.

Sage (the Sage Group, Plc.), is a British software company that was founded in 1981 and have grown into one of the largest software suppliers to small businesses.

Over 30 years the company has been developing software products for small and middle-sized businesses and today offers a wide range of solutions that can be divided into five main groups:

  • payment solutions:
    • accept payments: debit and credit card processing; electronic check and ACH payment processing; gift cards and loyalty programs;
    • expanding commerce: mobile payments; terminals and devices; virtual terminal; nonprofit payments;
    • business growing and protection: payment management; international payments; connecting accounting or ERP systems;

  • managing human resources and payroll:
    • HRIS software;
    • payroll solutions:
      • basic time tracking: Sage Timeslips;
      • advanced labor management: Sage Time.
  • managing the entire business:
    • accounting: Sage One, Sage Live, Sage 50;
    • enterprise resource planning (ERP): Sage 100, Sage 300, Sage X3;
    • asset management: Sage Fixed Assets;
    • customer relationships management (CRM): Sage CRM;
    • construction and real estate: Sage Estimating, Sage 100 Contractor, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, Sage Construction Anywhere;
  • managing finances and accounting:
    • accounting software: Sage One, Sage Live, Sage 50;
  • managing customer relationships:
    • Sage CRM.
  • Prism Visual Software's products integrates with Sage software

    Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a software provider that developed desktop and mobile software solutions for small, middle and large business specialized in the route sales, pre-order, equipment service and delivery. Our products are easily customized and integrated with the third-party accounting software systems; our software team has designed a special bridge – the Order Connector – that provides the connection between Prism’s programs and Sage software solutions. Using our route accounting (ServQuest™), dispatching (Prism Dispatch™), work order managing (ServQuest™), route map optimization (Prism Dispatch™), inbound and outbound call center (ServQuest™), inventory management (ServQuest™), scheduling (ServQuest™) and other mobile (MiniMate™) and desktop solutions with the Sage accounting system give companies performing the delivery, equipment service, route or/and pre-order sales significant advantages.