Sage Products and Prism VS’s Route Management Software Solutions

Sage products for small and middle-sized companies.

Sage is a British software company that offers small and medium-sized organizations a range of business management software products such as accounting, payroll, enterprise resource planning (ERP), finance and operational management, customer relationship management CRM), human resource (HR), and people management, and others.

Offered by Sage, software products are grouped into packages with solutions for:

  • accounting and financials; 
  • people and payroll;
  • business management; 
  • payments and banking; 
  • solutions for accountants and partners.

  • Sage products enable making accounting and invoicing and help to control the company's finances and business as a whole.
  • Sage products provide real-time information about the business.
  • Sage products help to expand the business without sacrificing its efficiency.
  • Sage products allow connecting to the people and resources that really impact your business.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a software provider that specialized in computer programming solutions for organizations performing route sales, pre-order, delivery, and equipment service.

Nowadays, we offer current and potential clients our route management solutions:

Our software team is comprised of experienced professionals that understand how it is important for companies to have an integrated computerized system allowing organizations to manage and control all their business activities, including financial operations. Therefore, we have developed Order Connector - a bridge between Prism’s route accounting software and the most popular accounting software such as Sage.

Our Order Connector synchronizes Sage’s software to Prism’s ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ solutions. So, using provided by us route management system with the Sage software solutions gives small and medium companies a powerful set of business tools that allow them to:

  • bring all aspects of their business together
  • control their business: finances, purchases, inventory, costs, quality, manufacturing, sales, customer service, and other
  • have real-time information
  • minimize the manual and paperwork
  • solve their business problems
  • make the right decisions based on the real-time view
  • manage their clients
  • focus on making their business great.
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