MiniMate™ 'on the Road' Features

Service Work Route

MiniMate™ mobile application developed for mobile handheld devices running on the Android operating system is successfully used by delivery drivers and service technicians in the field.

MiniMate™ integrates with ServQuest™ and Prism Dispatch™ route accounting and dispatching desktop software packages.

Starting the Workday for Technicians

  • Load all of the driver's customers.
  • Load truck or skip this step:
    • Load all items;
    • Load from par values for truck or customer;
    • Barcode loading;
    • Load on the desktop and transfer to PDA.

    Service Work Route

  • Service orders loaded to technician's PDA.
  • Service can be indicated as "stop service".
  • The technician may change the stop sequence order.
  • Equipment at the site loaded.
  • Service history of the equipment.
  • Problem and resolution recorded.
  • Service off-route customers.
  • Sell off-route customers.
  • Sell off-route products (sale, water, etc.).
  • Calculate taxes including exceptions.
  • Record notes of stop to management.
  • Accept returns for restocking or waste.
  • Barcode scanning for selling.
  • Change prices with a password.
  • View history of the last four services.
  • View loaners and carton count.
  • View previous balance and aging.
  • View instructions and directions.
  • View a one-time note for a stop.
  • View your customer-specific pricing.