Small Business Routing Software Provides Industry-Specific Functions

Routing Software

The leader in delivery software offers routing software for small businesses performing route sales, delivery, distribution, or field service. Developed by our professional team the routing software system gives access to a wide range of both common and industry-specific functions that move the small business forward.

Main features provided by Prism VS routing software:

  • inbound and outbound call center; 
  • inventory management; 
  • customer management; 
  • planning and scheduling; 
  • visual dispatching; 
  • route optimization; 
  • tracking and monitoring; 
  • billing and invoicing; 
  • alerts and reminders; 
  • email communication; 
  • searching, sorting, and filtering data; 
  • web store; 
  • web bill pay; 
  • integration and many others.

Prism VS's routing software for small business is a complex system that enables:

  • managing the day to day business operations; 
  • communicating inside the company as well as with customers and vendors; 
  • creating optimized routes with multiple stops; 
  • visualizing customer locations and created routes on the map; 
  • sending optimized routes and driving instructions to mobile devices; 
  • determining the upcoming delivery date; 
  • updating prices and costs; 
  • billing and invoicing management; 
  • seeing the balance after every financial transaction; 
  • setting alerts and reminders and sending them via an email or text message; 
  • sending email announcements about customer order status and expected delivery time; 
  • collecting historical data of every business activity; 
  • printing and sending invoices and receipts via email; 
  • collecting signatures and payments via cash, check, or credit card at the customer location; 
  • tracking vehicle location and mobile employees’ work hours; 
  • monitoring customer and work orders’ status; 
  • reporting the current and historical data; 
  • easily searching, sorting, and filtering the business data; 
  • integrating with third-party software; 
  • predicting the future of the business.

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