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Route Planning Software Solutions

Route optimization is more than just the route planning; this is an activity aimed at determining the most cost-effective routes by quickly testing various scenarios.

Route optimization software enables:

  • creating routes that minimize: 
    • driving distance, 
    • amount of needed fuel
    • the time required for fulfilling duties; 
  • saving time, money, and resources.

Route planning is a process of determining the route between two or more given locations by using one or more transport modes. For planning the routes, route planning software systems can use different criteria, such as constrained arrival and departure times, fastest route, shortest distance, limited driving time, cheapest cost, specified speed, and other.

A map of routes demonstrates the main roads in a particular area. Route mapping software allows generating turn-by-turn directions for driving from one location to another with the visualization on the map. Route tracking is a process of following the course or trail of the vehicle or driver, typically to note their location at various points.

Route tracking software enables analyzing data received from various sources by taking into account all available data points.

Route visualization software provides visualization of routes across a map and routing tables in the device level view. Real-time visualization and tracking tools enable detection of the vehicle location on the map.

Route management is a practice of reaching the most effectiveness from the fleet of vehicle operations. As the overall solution, route management software encompasses:

  • optimizing the route effectiveness; 
  • real-time fleet tracking; 
  • controlling whether vehicles follows the optimized routes; 
  • ensuring safe driving via: 
    • monitoring the driver behavior, 
    • providing the turn-by-turn direction, and 
    • controlling the real-time driver location.
Route management software

Today, there are many offers on the market from software providers specialized in route software. Which one meets your business needs the best? It is not an easy question. To know what solution your company needs, you should analyze your current business situation and research what tools can help to improve it.

Automatization and optimization of business operations is the right way for any company.