Route Planning Mobile Application from Prism Visual Software, Inc

route planning mobile Android app

Planning routes with paper and pen is a very cumbersome task, and none can guarantee 100% accuracy of manually optimized routes.

Getting stuck in traffic during rush hours or because of unanticipated bad weather conditions cannot be taken into account. Customers do not want to listen to such reasons and might give negative reviews for delayed deliveries and choose competitors the next time.

Delivery companies face many issues if they do not provide proper route planning for their fleets of vehicles. Increased expenses for fuel, enhanced costs of vehicle maintenance and repair, legal hassles, over-hours, and driver attrition are only a few from the long list of problems a company might have if it will not optimize delivery routes or will create optimized routes manually.

Using Prism VS’s route planning application helps to:

  • reduce logistics costs; 
  • cut down the planning time; 
  • increase drivers' efficiency.
 Prism VS’s route planning application

You can think that offered software is just sales pitch; be sure, our route planning app can benefit your company. Revolutionize your company radically; small transformations cannot help:

  • plan a route in half a minute with software that does complex calculations within seconds; 
  • provide your drivers with 100% accurately optimized route; 
  • give your drivers the ability to cover more routes in the less time via planning optimized routes; 
  • help your driver to avoid difficult turns (left turn and U-turns) and, as a result, to reduce road accidents; 
  • specify the route duration, maximum weight, distance and stops per vehicle, and other characteristics that need to be taken into account for creating the most-cost effective routes; 
  • reduce your delivery and logistics costs by creating the most cost-effective routes; 
  • keep your drivers from driving at sunrise, sunset, and adverse weather conditions; 
  • ensure drop-off the packages at the right locations; 
  • take into account customers’ preferences about a time of delivery (morning, afternoon, or evening); 
  • inform customers about the estimated time of delivery; 
  • track vehicle locations and monitor drivers on the road in real-time; 
Prism VS’s route planning software
  • keep your drivers always informed about changes by synchronizing your computer with drivers’ smartphones; 
  • save on insurance premiums by reducing road accidents; 
  • save on paying hefty fines by keeping your drivers from breaking driving rules (speed limits, turns, parking, and other); 
  • plan the driver's workday in advance. 

Grow your business with our easy-to-use route planning software.