Route Planner for Creating Optimized Itinerary with Multiple Stops

Route Planner with Multiple Stops Software Software

The time of static route planning with stable, consistent stops when field representatives were able to stick the same fixed routes every day is over because it is costly and no longer effective. The stringent adherence to pre-set routes is not efficient in today’s dynamic environment and, therefore, it is time to move to dynamic route planning.

If you want your company to remain competitive, go on the smarter way of doing business with Prism Visual Software’s route planner with multiple stops.

The route planner developed by our software team consists of two integrated components:

Creating optimized, cost-effective routes with our route planner with multiple stops allows:

  • cutting the transport costs;
  • maximizing fleet efficiency; 
  • reducing reliance on drivers and field representatives; 
  • assigning a balanced workload; 
  • reducing idle times and overtime; 
  • creating correct sequences of stops at customer locations;
  • making the right stops timely; 
  • tracking the field representatives and vehicles in real-time; 
  • communicating with drivers via the MiniMate™ mobile application; 
  • optimizing the resource utilization and their management; 
  • taking additional customer orders and deliveries; 
  • improving the job allocation process; 
  • reducing reliance on drivers and field representatives;
  • providing a more accurate estimated time of arrivals (RTA) or, in other words, shorter delivery time windows; 
cost-effective routes
  • automatically synchronizing any changes in the schedule made on the office computer with drivers’ smartphones and tablets; 
  • .
 route optimization software

Prism Visual Software offers the fastest route optimization software that will help to:

  • automate the process of the route planning and reduce planning efforts;
  • create realistic schedules with accurate arrival times; 
  • increase the efficiency of your drivers and field representatives by reducing driving time; 
  • eliminate stress and increase the safety of your drivers and field representatives; 
  • save time and money every day via smarter assignments and driving on optimal routes; 
  • increase the level of your field service and customer satisfaction.