Route Planner Multiple Stops

Route planner multiple stops

Companies and professional individuals whose business is concerned with the route sales, pre-order deliveries, and equipment service usually serve a big amount of customers (depending on the organization size) and need to thoroughly plan each working day of the full company as well as of each delivery driver and/or equipment service technician. It is difficult to take into consideration all aspects and scenarios and manually calculate the best route with the multiple stops.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers organizations and professional individuals performing goods and service deliveries the route planner multiple stops software solution that allows planning the optimized truck routes that enable the best use of available resources.

The basis of our route planner is formed by the advanced route optimization algorithm that takes into consideration a range of parameters, including delivery quantities, vehicle sizes, delivery locations, time windows, driver shift details, and other aspects. By clicking on a button, our algorithm creates the optimized, cost-effective and feasible route with the multiple stops.

Developed by our professional software team route planner is endlessly useful for organizations and professional individuals that are performing deliveries of the pre-ordered goods or/and services as allows to get the unique optimized route with the multiple stops. Our solution helps its users to eliminate the overtime and over-mileage, late deliveries and deliveries at the wrong time and, as a result, helps users to save their money that could be spent on the fuel, vehicle maintenance and payment of the working time.

You still do not believe that finding optimal delivery routes can be fast and easy. Make sure by yourself. Start to use Prism Dispatch™ – the route planner of multiple stops designed by our professional software developers.

Prism Dispatch™ is an integrated part of our route management solution – ServQuest™ comprehensive desktop software package that easily integrated with the customer database and the most used accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP, and AccountMate. In addition, we offer our clients the customizations to their business needs and individualized application design. Our support team provides training during the implementation phase and consultations and support service on a different basis: hourly, annual and project-based fees.

With our route planner software, you can:

  • cut transportation costs,
  • decrease CO2 emissions,
  • improve levels of your customer service,
  • streamline your business operations,
  • reach the wishful distribution KPIs,
  • meet your business targets
  • improve making strategic decisions.
Route Planner Multiple Stops