Route Planner Multiple Stops from Prism Visual Software, Inc.

Optimize your deliveries with the route planner multiple stops software solution.

Companies performing route sales and pre-order products and service delivery face challenges every day. Their office managers and dispatchers need to organize in the effective way deliveries customer orders that very often have the high volumes. It is possible only in the case if they manage delivery drivers, service technicians, and vehicles with taking into consideration the fuel costs, road conditions, and road traffic. To have the profitability, it is necessary for such companies to find a balance between provided by them the customer service and route efficiency. Of course, it is impossible to find the most optimal variant via manual calculating all scenarios.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers organizations specialized in the route sales, delivery pre-order goods and equipment services a tactical routing tool – our route planner for routes with the multiple stops that enables an easy way planning, scheduling, and controlling your daily routes with the mileage, needed time and gasoline. Delivery locations are automatically uploaded from the created tickets of delivery; in the case of need, dispatchers can manually make changes in the addresses.

Our route planner is designed to give its users:

  • the optimized route of delivery with multiple stops for each vehicle,
  • full information about a number of miles each optimized route consists,
  • a number of hours a driver needs to spend for passing the full distance,
  • information about how much fuel is necessary to deliver all ordered goods or services
  • the knowing the actual cost per stop.

The Prism Dispatch™ route planner allows:

  • uploading and mapping multiple locations,
  • planning the daily, weekly and monthly routes,
  • scheduling delivery drivers and equipment technicians work efficiently,
  • increasing the capacity of each vehicle,
  • reducing driven miles, numbers of vehicles used on the route, fuel costs and routing time,
  • planning for the last minute customer requests and emergency calls,
  • increasing customers satisfaction and the company’s profitability.
Results of using Prism VS's route planner.

For any company, it is very important to make the right business decisions. Understanding the costs of delivery to each customer's location and the effects on the company's profitability of the actual cost per stop enables business planning and making the right business decisions. Creating route plans and collecting actual information about deliveries allow establishing the performance norms and perspectives, which will result in less overtime and better driver performance. Theses the main goals of any company providing goods and service delivery.

Designed by our software team route planner is easily integrated with the customer database and accounting system. In the case of necessity, the individualized application design and customization to the company’s route accounting software needs can be realized.