Route Planner for Planning Pre-Order Delivery, Route Sales, and Equipment Service

Use Prism Visual Software's route planner to optimize your deliveries and route sales

Are you an owner of the business that provides pre-order deliveries, or equipment service, or other activities concerned with the number of errands to run every day and want the optimal routes are to save your time and money? Prism Visual Software’s route planner is the right for you. Our route planner allows in the easy way to plan, schedule, and control your routes, including the mileage, needed time and gasoline. You have a possibility to make manual changes when it is needed, even after the route optimization on the map. Not all points of delivery are directly connected; our route planner allows you to find the best route and collecting modes to each your client. If your driver needs to deliver orders to multiple locations, Prism Dispatch™ will help you to plan the optimal route for your driver.

Prism Dispatch™ developed by Prism Visual Software’s software that includes visual dispatching and route on the map optimization is an individual module that included in our complex software solution that contains ServQuest™, Prism Dispatch™, MiniMate™, and Order Connector applications. ServQuest™ as a route book allows operators to schedule the customer servicing and provides a delivery profile for every client’s address. Prism Dispatch™ includes the route planner that enables finding the optimal route of delivering to multiple locations. The route planner allows uploading and mapping multiple locations and getting the most efficient itinerary. Locations are uploaded from the created tickets of delivery; if it is needed, operators can manually make changes in the addresses. With the optimized route, our route planner gives full information about how many miles each optimized route consists, how many hours it takes to pass the full distance, and how much fuel is necessary to transfer all ordered products.

MiniMate™ application developed for handheld devices provides each driver or technician with the optimal daily route optimized by the operator in the office using the route planner. Moreover, MiniMate™ provides drivers with sale and delivery instructions, contact information, current equipment, equipment and sales history, invoices, and account balances. It also enables using driving instructions to the location with Google Maps.

The main advantages of using the Prism Visual Software’s route planner:

  • scheduling drivers efficiently
  • picking the best route
  • avoiding unnecessary miles
  • reducing fuel costs
  • increasing the companies effectiveness
  • keeping customers happy

With Prism Visual Software’s trade-offs, you have a possibility to plan your daily, weekly, or monthly itineraries in a few minutes. Stop to pay a high cost, our route planner software will help you to find an optimal option and trade-off between cost and time. 

Prism Visual Software’s route planner