Route Optimization Software Solution

Route Optimization Software Solution

Creating the optimized routes is highly critical for individual delivery drivers and companies performing delivery pre-ordered and sold product and services as enables delivery drivers and service technicians to serve more customers for the same time and, as a result, companies save a lot of money that could be spent on the ineffective using their resources.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. has developed for organizations performing route sales, pre-order, delivery or equipment service the route optimization software solution that includes desktop computer programs grouped into the Prism Dispatch™ package and MiniMate™ mobile application.

Some ways our route optimization software solution can improve the delivery operations:

  • Creating the balanced workloads

The unbalanced workloads are one of the most commonly met problems. When some delivery drivers and service technicians are assigned to territories with a high density of customers and have to work hard and sometimes, even, over time to serve the company's clients, others may work on too small regions or areas with not dense enough of customers and have little work. Offered by us software solution helps companies to divide workloads equally between their mobile workers.

  • Creating optimized delivery routes

Route optimization is critical for any company that has workers on the road. Eliminating the unnecessary returns and driving around greatly increase the mobile employees’ profitability allow them to make their work done faster and easier.

  • Real-time tracking the mobile workers

Our MiniMate™ mobile application enables automatically tracking the mobile worker's location and time that helps dispatchers and operators to make effective real-time changes in the schedules.

  • Saving the costs needed for the performing deliveries

Performing delivery (as any other business activity) requires some costs and not little. Fuel, vehicle maintenance, employees’ salary, etc. require from companies the high expenses. In the case of planning not optimized routes, expenses spent on performing deliveries may exceed their revenues that are very dangerous for a company as it can result in the company bankruptcy and closing the business. Our software solution of the route optimization allows companies to decrease delivery costs and save their money.

route optimization software solution
  •  Increase the level of the delivery service

Optimized routes allow to serve more customers for the same time and, as a result, to include the new territories to the served regions.