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Prism's route optimization software solutions

Does your business provide pre-order delivery or/and route sales that cover a huge area with a lot of customers? Now, you have not to guess when and which route to send your drivers to create carefully balanced delivery that takes into account a number of your sales, drivers and vehicles availabilaty, traveled miles, fuel cost, and other components of your business activities. Prism Visual Software’s professional team has designed the route optimization software that by using your predefined criteria automatically setup your routes to minimize the traveled miles and maximize the resource utilization.

Prism Dispatch™ as a route map optimization software allows its users to optimize the using of their vehicles by reducing labor and fuel costs and increasing route capacity by hastening drive time and completing more stops with fewer resources and less over time.

To create the best routes for your business that will not only save miles and reduce the travel time, but will also boost the customer service and increase the workers' efficiency, we need to take into account a lot of different factors, and first of all:

  • where your customers are located,
  • when they want their pre-ordered products or services will be delivered,
  • how many vehicles can be used on the road, and
  • which drivers can do this job.

Do you really want to save your time and increase your business profit? Start innovating today by using the route optimization software – Prism Dispatch™. Contact the Prism Visual Software, Inc., and our specialists will help you to improve your business efficiency and to boost your customer satisfaction by providing the perfect delivery, or in other words, will help you to put your business on the road to success.

Prism Dispatch™ is not only the route map optimization software but the visual dispatching too. Our Prism Dispatch™ makes it easy to plan the workday by adjusting the schedule as needed. In addition, our MiniMate™ mobile application for wireless handheld devices enables monitoring of the daily activities of each driver.

The main benefits of using Prism Visual Software’s route optimization software are:

  • improving business efficiency
  • improving customers' satisfaction
  • improving drivers experience and safety
  • providing drivers feedback
  • availability the emergency dispatch and real-time alerts
  • providing accurate job costing
  • route scheduling and planning and other
Prism Visual Software’s route optimization solution