Route Optimization Software for Business Success 

Route Optimization Software Solution for Business Success

When customers buy something they want ordered services or products will be delivered fast, especially food and beverage. These days, in the situation of the competitive increasing pressure, companies that performed route sales, equipment service, and pre-order delivery, including food and beverage must improve their efficiency and delivery productivity at the same time maintaining goods margin and delivery accuracy. Solving this task requires from business owners looking for better ways of tracking their inventory and improving accuracy and visibility of the information about their sales and delivery processes.

Route Optimization Software from the Prism - a Leading Company on the Market

Prism’s route optimization solution, not only optimizes the routes and delivery but streamlines route accounting and management of the products and services. Developed by our professional team software system includes desktop and mobile solutions that allow to real-time management and control each step of the company's activities from a call to the dispatch center or order on the website to delivery to the customer whether a customer or retail store as well as all process on the whole.

To this optimal solution our professionals have come because of their hard years of work and study of needs, requirements, tips, and demands to software for route and pre-order sales, direct store delivery, and equipment service operations companies. Today, we can be proud of our desktop and mobile applications set designed for our route optimization system that has allowed many companies from small business to big companies to increase their business and revenues. This success was made possible by automating all processes of customer service from their physical orders to pre-order sales delivery and payments.

Now, you cannot worry and can fully trust and can put your route planning to our route optimization software that will help your employees to better serve your clients and grow your business success. Prism Dispatch™ is a complex module that optimizes the routes and consequently, your drivers and technicians work in a time-saving way. In addition to route optimization, Prism Dispatch™ provides call scheduling, planning the drivers and technicians work day, time tracking, adjusting the schedule, include emergency tickets, emergency contact to the dispatch center and other.

The combination Prism Dispatch™ with the mobile, MiniMate™, application for handhelds allows controlling delivery business activities, including having access to information about your inventory, customers, orders, reschedules, deliveries, returns, bills, payments, and other in the real time.

Linked with the office database MiniMate™ allows make the instant changes of services and deliveries on the route:
  • captures signatures
  • prints invoices
  • controls truck inventory and customer onsite equipment,
  • displays customer histories,
  • calculates sales taxes at the item level, and other.

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Prism VS'S Route Optimization Software