Route Mapping Software – a Part of the Route Management Solution

Prism's route mapping software includes Prism Dispatch and MiniMate.

The main purpose of route management is achieving the best effectiveness of fleet operations. Achieving the best performance from vehicles and drivers requires managers to make driver's work effective at the street level.

We offer our clients the Prism Dispatch™ route mapping software, which is a part of an overall route management solution.

In addition to Prism Dispatch™ route mapping software, our professional team has developed the MiniMate™ mobile application for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile handheld devices. MiniMate™ allows managers to track drivers' locations and work time in real-time and ensure that drivers are performing their routes and activities according to a created optimal plan.

The optimal plan for the delivery route minimizes:

  • the delivery distance; 
  • the time required to fulfill the driver's duties; 
  • the amount of used fuel.

The MiniMate™ mobile application used by drivers on the route enables:

  • the connection between drivers and the office; 
  • real-time tracking the vehicle location; 
  • tracking the driver’s work time; 
  • monitoring the driver behavior; 
  • providing drivers with the instruction and last-minute changes in schedules; 
  • collecting customer signature as a proof of order fulfillment; 
  • providing customer service without the Internet connection.
MiniMate™ mobile application

Our route management software solution enables the next capabilities:

  • Route optimization to calculate the most efficient way of serving the customers at their locations (from a list of addresses). 
  • Driver direction to provide the driver with the next stop. 
  • Driver instruction to provide drivers with the delivery and sale instructions (contact information, account balances, sales history, equipment history, current equipment, invoices, and other). 
  • Fleet monitoring to track vehicles with accurate geocoding (GPS) with the purpose to know how the vehicle is being handled. 
  • Route mapping to create the route taken by a driver on any particular day. 
  • Real-time location to track the current position of each vehicle with the purpose to define who from drivers is closest to a customer location and can fulfill the service instead of the driver cannot complete the work order. 
  • Reporting to have driver and fleet statistics that show the company’s business efficiency and helps to identify areas where it is possible to reduce costs and increase productivity.