Route Manager from Prism Visual Software, Inc.

 The best desctop and mobile route manager solution

If your business is closely connected with deliveries, it cannot be successful without using computerized route planning. Even you or your staff spend hours on manual creating the route plan; it will not be optimal as it is impossible to take into consideration all needed information and aspects which continually changes. Nowadays, any business can be competitive only in the case if the company use modern software technologies such as accounting software, route managing software, inventory management software and many many other.

Today, software solutions allow organizations to computerize and automate most of their business activities and use the working time in an effective way. The time of manual planning, accounting and control have been left behind; today, even small business owners understand how it is important to keep up with the times and use various software applications in their everyday activity.

If your company provides pre-order, route sales, delivery or/and equipment service, Prism Visual Software’s route manager is designed and developed for you. Our organization is a leading software provider that has developed software solutions specially designed for such companies. We always have been studying continually changing requirements and necessities companies performing route sales and deliveries and take all our knowledge into consideration when are creating our computer programs or their updates.

We offer our current and potential clients our route manager solution that consists of desktop and mobile applications:

  • ServQuest™ desktop software package is an electronic route book that enables scheduling customer servicing for route sales, delivery, pre-order, and equipment service.
  • Prism Dispatch™ desktop software included in the ServQuest™ package is the visual dispatching and route map optimization software that provides adjusting the schedule as needed and creating optimal routes with the multiple stops.
  • MiniMate™ mobile application software for handheld devices developed for pre-order and route salespeople, delivery drivers, and equipment service technicians to be used on the route.

By using our desktop and mobile route managing applications in the complex (and even separately), companies achieve perfect results in their business activities.

Generating optimized routes allows:

  • reducing fuel and labor costs,
  • servicing more customers at the same time,
  • minimizing overtime and used resources,
  • making quick and professional deliveries and services.
route manager solution