Prism Visual Software’s Web Store

Online sales

Do you want to connect with your customers in a new way?

Start to use Prism VS's Web Store and the online experience of your clients will help you to enhance their satisfaction.

Prism Visual Software’s Web Store is designed as a toolkit that is attached to client websites. The site functions as a portal to existing customers. When the customer enters the portal with their password, the client site extends and connects the customer to new Prism-designed webpages, which look like the client's website.

The Web Store allows customers:

  • to submit new orders, 
  • to download their past invoices, and 
  • to check the status of their orders.
Prism VS’s Web Store, when attached to your existing webpages, reduces unnecessary customer phone calls, gives customers global access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the convenience they often want.

How you will manage your online business depends on the products or/and services you offer. In any case, it will be much easier for you to communicate with your customers and receive their feedback on your business.

3 Main advantages of using Prism Visual Software’s Web Store:

1. Increasing sales products and services:
  • Online shopping and service purchasing are convenient and preferred by customers. 
  • An online store is open 24x7/365. 
  • Global access enables reaching more customers. 
  • Customer reviews and ratings on the website help to sell more products and services.
2. Saving business costs:
  • Automating routine tasks such as data entry, invoice generation, creating appointments, and others.
  • Reducing sales representative visits to clients and potential customers. 
  • Decreasing inbound phone calls for the office staff.
3. Increasing customer satisfaction:
  • Detailed description with images of the products. 
  • Customer ability to make a purchase at a suitable time. 
  • Faster delivery of purchased orders. 
  • Communication with clients and getting their feedback.
Prism Visual Software’s Web Store