Route Software for Better Devilery Service

delivery route optimization

Do you want to make the delivery job easy? Our route delivery software can help you to achieve your dream as are specially designed for companies performing any delivery service: direct, home, third-party, courier, express, overnight, and scheduled deliveries.

A variety of industries are using our route delivery software system that includes:

Prism VS’s route delivery software:

  • rescues companies from hours of manual route planning – via automating and optimizing the planning process; 
  • delivers from laborious manual data entry and paperwork – via synchronizing Prism VS's desktop, mobile, and web applications between themselves and with third-party software systems;
  • helps to maximize investments and resource usage – via reducing driving mileage; 
  • helps reducing delivery costs – via efficient use of resources; 
  • optimizes the process of creating the shortest delivery routes – via automating the utilizing the wide range of mapping activities; 
  • allows minimizing driving hours and downtime – via creating the optimized delivery routes with the minimized idle time; 
  • helps to improve the quality of the delivery service – via an efficient schedule and well-organized work process; 
  • enables maximizing the fleet capacity – via creating an efficient schedule of deliveries, effective dispatching, and the right load distribution; 
  • allows increasing drivers’ safety and reducing insurance costs – via creating turn-to-turn driving instructions, viewing optimized routes on the interactive maps, trucking drivers’ location, behavior, and working hours; 
  • increases the communication with delivery drivers – via the MiniMate™ mobile application that provides sending created optimized routes to drivers mobile devices with a single click, driving instructions with the full customer information (contact, location, purchase orders, order history, and others), tracking drivers’ location and driving time; 
  • allows increasing mobile workers productivity – via efficient planning the employees’ workday by taking into account the real-life factors such as preferred time of delivery, time windows, and lunch breaks, vehicle types and vehicle capacities, the number of stops and each stop duration, and more.
Prism VS's route software