Route Planner Software for the Shorter Way

Use Prism Visual Software's route planner to optimize your deliveries

Pre-order and route sales, equipment service, and product delivery companies need to plan their routes every day. It is hard work, especially, if a company has a huge number of customers. How to carry out the delivery to each customer at the right time with the lowest cost? It is necessary to take into consideration a lot of things:

  • a quantity of created orders,
  • availability of ordered items,
  • a number of trucks or other auto vehicles which can be used for delivery,
  • how many drivers can make deliveries,
  • time the ordered goods need to be delivered at,
  • points of delivery,
  • how much gasoline is needed to make deliveries and many others?

You can try to plan your deliveries by manually creating your routes, but don’t forget that before planning your delivery routes, you need to create a schedule of deliveries. To do all of those operations manually, you need to have a huge staff in your company.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers you an alternative way that allows you to fulfill all obligations to your customers with the least amount of time, labor, fuel, and other resources required for the implementation of deliveries.

We provide the route planner developed especially for companies provided pre-order and product delivery, route sales, and service. Our route planner is a complex software system that includes desktop and mobile applications for use in the office as well as on the road. With our route planner solution, you will not have a headache due to late delivery or a wrong schedule. We have thought through every detail and can proudly say that our route planner is the best software solution that allows optimizing business activities and increasing the company’s profitability.

Our software package that includes the route planner for optimizing deliveries consists of:

  • an electronic route book, ServQuest™, that provides the recurring schedule customer servicing as well as the “emergency” order for both options with or without automated scheduling;
  • visual dispatching and route optimization on the map, Prism Dispatch™, that allows planning a workday for each driver, adjusting the schedule as needed, including emergency tickets;
  • mobile application for handheld devices, MiniMate™, that allows drivers to be equipped with delivery and sale instructions, contact information, map, account balances, invoices, and others.

Prism Dispatch™ helps to find the shorter way to all the places of delivery. You will have any more driving on circles or unnecessary backtracking. Provide needed locations and our route planner will optimize your driving directions to save you time and gas, and consequently, your money. Prism Visual Software has already saved millions of miles for its clients. Can you tell the same about your company? Does your company save money by optimizing delivery routes?

Prism Visual Software is always looking for new ways to help companies that provide deliveries plan their routes by decreasing the travel mileage. 

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