Road Trip Planner Software

Road Trip Planner Software

Do not want roads and traffic control your business? Start to use road trip planner software specially designed by our professional team for routing and scheduling optimization. Regardless you are an individual driver or owner of a fleet of vehicles, our software solution will help you to plan, route, track, and analyze your or your workforce’s performance.

With our road trip planner software, you will be able to:

  • automate and optimize the route planning process;
  • create a smart schedule to make the pick-up, delivery, and service commitments; 
  • serve more customers via efficient planning a workday for every employee; 
  • create smart routes with stops in multiple addresses for every vehicle from the fleet; 
  • define the optimal number of routes to visit all selected customer locations; 
  • define the accurate times of delivery with the real-time updates; 

  • add manual changes in created schedule and routes; 
  • visualize customers’ location data on the map; 
  • export approved optimized routes to field workers’ mobile devices; 
  • synchronize optimized routes with Google Maps and Bing Maps; 
  • balance workload via skill-based assignments; 
  • track each vehicle location via a mobile device; 
  • monitor and record mobile employees’ work hours;
  • integrate desktop and mobile software for collecting, sending, and recording data; 
  • collect the past field workforce activity; 
  • maintain the running history of all fleet activity; 
  • create customized reports on any aspect of the fleet activity; 
  • avoid errors and enforce approvals of all departments;
  • keep fleet operations productive and profitable;
  • minimize the total working costs; 
  • increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and much more.

Are you happy with your current routes and fleet productivity?

If not, are you ready to go ahead together with the new technologies which we offer you?

plan your trip with route planner software

Contact us anytime at or by phone at +1 (516) 944-5920 at work hours. Our support team will give you full information about the road trip planner software and other Prism Visual Software’s solutions developed for companies performing the delivery, field service, or other fleet activities.

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