Reduce Costs with Prism VS’s CRM Applications

Prism Visual Software's CRM app allows reducing business costs.

CRM - customer relationship management - is a process which companies accomplish to manage customer interaction with the purpose of improving business relationships. Special CRM strategies, technologies, and practices help organizations to complete information about their clients and use this information to get more sales.

Our company has developed customer relationship management computerized solutions that provide significant marketing tools enabling transformation the business communication techniques. We provide both desktop and mobile software to give our clients more features for optimizing customer relationship management and reducing business expenses.

Prism’s CRM applications allow reducing business expenses because of:

  • collecting all data, including personal customer data, in one centralized system; 
  • integrating communications data capture; 
  • sharing information across the company; 
  • supporting multi-channel communications and servicing; 
  • automatical data updating; 
  • direct access to all aspects of the client’s relationship with the company;
  • individually tracking every customer; 
  • keeping customer history; 
  • reducing the paperwork and phone time; 
  • spending less time looking for information;
  • being better-informed about customer behavior, preferences, and needs; 
  • making better decisions via quick access to the information; 
  • ability to provide accurate responses timely; 
  • reducing the paper records creating, storage, retrieval, and handling; 
  • giving customers the ability to accomplish their tasks themselves; 
  • automating repetitive tasks and saving employees time; 
  • identifying places where business operations are inefficient; 
  • sending customers personalized and relevant messages; 
  • better understanding customers and meeting their needs; 
Prism Visual Software’s Customer Relationship Management applications
  • access to the CRM system anytime from anywhere with the MiniMate™ mobile application; 
  • reducing travel expenses by making appointments and schedules online or by phone; 
  • integration of the CRM system with other Prism’s business applications and the company’s accounting software system; 
  • personalized assistance and customization CRM applications for unique companies needs; 
  • improving business processes and customer service.

For more information about our CRM solutions, contact us. Our representatives from the support team will answer all your questions about our CRM system and other our business software solutions.