Reasons to Use the Bookkeeping Software System Specially Designed for Small Business

Benefits of using the bookkeeping software system developed for small business.
  • Saving the work time spent on accounting by eliminating the paperwork and manual calculations as many accounting tasks are regulated by the computerized system automatically. 
  • Saving business costs regardless of the initial investment and expenses on the IT support. All these spendings will pay off soon and allow significantly decrease the staff works time spent on accounting and enable more effective using employees’ energy in other business processes. 
  • Having fewer mistakes because of eliminating the data entry and manual calculations and synchronizing with the bank accounts. In the case of a mistake, the software system will alert that there is something wrong and make it easier to find the error and correct it. 
  • Easily creating the customized reports with the needed information allows knowing how the small business is running. 
  • Access to real-time data. 
  • Flexibility and simple customization and adaptation to the specific business needs allow the small business bookkeeping system to work the way the company wants.

  • Getting paid faster. Using the online billing feature allows your customers to pay for your work or service with a bank account transfer or credit card.
  • Downloading the monthly statements from participating banks directly into the bookkeeping software system for easier reconciliation. 
  • Reducing typing time and errors by sharing data between the computerized accounting system and other desktop and mobile applications. 
  • The ability to have all information in a single place allows excluding separate systems that can provide the only individual operations. 
  • Paying bills online by Setup the current bank account in the bookkeeping software system. 
  • Easy backup data reduces the risk of losing important financial information. 
  • The history of business allows comparing the company’s activity of the current year with the prior year(s). 
  • The customer history allows tracking the customers’ purchasing and payment habits. 
  • Access from multiple devices: desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and others. 
  • Complete the accurate records for tax preparation. 
  • Ability to use the bookkeeping software system by multiple users at the same time. 
  • Easier audits by knowing who made changes and updates in the bookkeeping system. 
  • Stability and reliability of the bookkeeping software system. 
  • Security and safety of important business finance documents. 
  • Tracking bills by using the accounts payable system. 
  • Bank reconciliation. 
  • Using bookkeeping software allows processing the accounts with greater speed than manual processing. 
  • Ability the small business bookkeeping software system to grow with your company.
  •  Making the bookkeeping processes run more smoothly.
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