Reasons to Optimize Deliveries with the Multi Stop Route Planner

Optimize your routes with the multi stop route planner

Providing deliveries requires a lot of resources, including labor force, so it is very important for companies which activities include delivery service to find the best routes. Our company offers such companies the multi-stop route planner that enables optimizing the delivery routes with the multiple destinations to the customer locations.

Our software route planning solution includes two parts, namely:

Main reasons to optimize your routes with our multi-stop route planner:

  • saving your time on planning the best routes with the multiple stops; 
  • integrating the scheduling, planning, dispatching and tracking deliveries; 
  • saving driving time via reducing the unnecessary miles; 
  • saving money spent on the gas; 
  • decreasing gas emissions come from the vehicles; 
  • eliminating useless driving around and making deliveries more efficient; 
  • providing speedy pickups, deliveries, and services; 
  • increasing the productivity of delivery drivers and service technicians; 
  • lowering the time between customer's order and its fulfillment; 
  • maintaining the customer service objectives; 
  • increasing customer satisfaction; 
  • using fewer delivery trucks and delivery drivers/service technicians; 
  • enabling the real-time delivery management; 
  • providing delivery drivers and service technicians with the real-time data; 
  • enabling the customer service with or without the Internet connection; 
  • increasing the company’s profitability and revenue;
  • easy customization to the business needs; 
  • integration with the accounting systems.

Plan, schedule and optimize routes with our multi-stop route planner that includes a number of various software applications such as the complete scheduling, visual dispatching, and route map optimization solutions.

You cannot believe that managing fleets, warehouses, drivers, and deliveries can be easy; contact us and our sales representatives and support personnel will explain how our planner works and how you can use it for performing effective deliveries that make happy your customers, delivery drivers and service technicians, operators and dispatchers and you as a business owner.