Reasons to Use the Best Inventory Management Software [Main Goal]

The  inventory management software solution from Prism VS.

Everybody will agree that today's competitive business world requires companies to continually searching for the new more effective ways of their business running.

The aspiration for survival and leadership on the market force business owners to use software solutions that enable the optimization and automation of many business processes. Organizations which business activities concerned with manufacture, sales, equipment service and many others especially need the inventory management and control software solution with advanced features.

Prism’s inventory management software solution provides the advanced functionality needed for enabling full control of inventory located in multi warehouses. Our company has experience in helping companies from different industries to manage their business. More than twenty years, we provide complete software solutions for businesses performing route sales, deliver pre-ordered products and services, equipment and other services at customer locations.

18 main features of the best inventory management software solution:

  1. An inventory list with the product details. 
  2. Real-time inventory tracking, including multiple locations in different warehouses. 
  3. Wireless data-collecting via MiniMate™ mobile application running on the Windows and Android operating systems. 
  4. The powerful barcode solution – MiniMate™ allows streamlining the entire business process. 
  5. Automatic reordering allows automatic defining points for the item reordering. 
  6. Transferring items within warehouses via the easy-to-use transaction interface.
  7. Lot control enables performing recalls, expiration dates, product differentiation, and more. 
  8. Inventory counts to support full-cycle counts and automatic entry of counted items. 
  9. Expiration date tracking to notify about an upcoming renewal with the calendar notifications. 
  10. Purchasing and vendor management 
  11. Customizable reporting of the purchase and sales orders status. 
  12. Visibility of sales orders and inventory levels allows preventing stockouts. 
  13. Multi-item stock adjustments allow increasing and decreasing stock levels for products, damages, returns, shrinkage, and promotions.
  14. Cost tracking to track the true product costs and automatically calculating the landed costs. 
  15. Full inventory history for efficient forecasting. 
  16. Mobility allows providing inventory management on the go with instantly information updating. 
  17. Integrating with the accounting software system.
  18. Security to protect inventory data from loss, theft or hacking.

best inventory management and control computerized solution
The main goal of our inventory management software is to help companies to manage their inventory, so they order and store items in appropriate quantities.