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•   Save Money with Route Optimization
by Nick Phillips, Assistant Editor,
Water Technology Magazine, August 2010

•   Management & Operations:
'Organize your parts and equipment. It's vital info: how many, where they are and what they earn.'
by Tom Williams, Senior Editor,
Water Technology Magazine, August 2009
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•   Management & Operations:
'For recurring business, customer data to the rescue. 'Mining' customer lists starts with good management.'

by Tom Williams, Senior Editor,
Water Technology Magazine, May 2009
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•   Alpine Valley Bread Company on Mobile Routing Solution in Integrated Solutions Magazine.


Read about Prism on the "Business Network (bnet)".

•   Prism's Customers describe ROI for Prism Visual Software in independent publication.
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•   “Prism Visual Software Sparkles in Highly Competitive Vertical Application Market”
by AccountMate, Inc., in Spring 2004

•   “Street Smarts: Routing Software”
Security Destruction Business (SDB) by Brian Taylor (Spring 2004): 36-40.
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•   “Louisville’s specialty coffee merchant refocuses on OCS, c-stores and foodservice”
by Elliot Maras in Automatic Merchandiser in 2003

•   “Big dividends from connecting workers”
by Peter A. Buxbaum in Frontline Solutions (March 1, 2003)

•   “The fastest navigate a tough track: Accounting Today’s 2002 Technology Pacesetters jockey for growth in 2003”
by John M. Covaleski in Accounting Today (Nov. 25-Dec. 15, 2002): 30-41.
•   “LinCo Services and Prism Visual Software: Cutting Edge Mobile Data Solutions for Rural Work Environments,”
Aberdeen Group On Site (December 2002).
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“Distribution Software: ROI Is King”
by Richard McCausland in Accounting Technology (August 2002):

•   “Palm in the Real World: LinCo Services drives efficiencies with handheld route delivery application”
by Christine Harland Williams in Palm Power Enterprise Magazine (May 2002)

•   “Hands On!” by David Cullen
Drivers: For the Owner/Operator and Professional Truck Driver (May 1, 2002)

“Maximizing Efficiency And Service With a Palm-Powered Route Delivery App”
by Greg Linneweber in Planet PDA Magazine (January 16, 2002)

•   "Untangling the Supply Chain"
by Mark Hall, (November 1, 2001)