Prism Visual Software's Products

Prism VS's products

Prism Visual Software’s products are as unique as the industries they serve. Our award-winning products are acknowledged for outstanding software design, ease of use, and integration of operations with financial systems.

Fundamentally, Prism VS has created distribution software with all the requirements needed by various industries. Whether the deliveries consist of coffee, beverages, syrups, ice, or perishable and non-perishable foods, Prism VS’s operational software deals uniquely with the needed specifics.

With years of experience in designing software for the distribution and DSD industries, Prism VS's software design team understands the complex and detailed processes of delivery and service companies. As a result, Prism VS's route accounting ERP solution works the way delivery and service companies do.

Prism knows that different distribution companies function with different distribution models. Some work strictly with route sales, while others work with pre-order and delivery. Often both types have an equipment service division in the field. However, most companies mix route sales and pre-order deliveries to varying degrees. In addition, some companies also try converting themselves from one model to the other.

Prism VS's clear and detailed knowledge of these dynamics results in Prism VS's unique and award-winning software products that serve the complex and shifting needs of all of these delivery and service models. Prism VS's software is flexible and adaptable to all of the customers' needs and processes, whether they use route sales, pre-order, delivery, or equipment service.

Equally important, the design of Prism VS’s software includes behind-the-scene hooks that bridge the operational solution with its end goal, the financials. Prism VS’s Order Connector is this unique bridge, seamlessly integrating the solution with various off-the-shelf accounting systems. This seamless integration guarantees a smooth single-entry flow that controls inventory automatically posts invoices and cash to accounts receivable, as well as to the entire financial system.

Prism Visual Software’s route accounting ERP solution consists of:

Prism VS’s software solutions do all of this and more. Please speak with our sales staff today at 516-944-5920 or send an e-mail.

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