Solutions: Products - How They Work & For Whom

Prism Visual Software offers three comprehensive solutions.

How Our Products Work

desktop routing 
A comprehensive desktop routing solution computerizes all aspects of delivery and service dispatching companies.

 mobile handheld product
A mobile handheld product, MiniMate automates the field force with batch-based, web-based or wireless technology.

                                                                    desktop and 
                                                                    mobile routing 
Optional add-on products, developed by Prism and Third-Party companies, integrate seamlessly with Prism’s desktop and mobile routing solutions:

  • Prism’s electronic dispatching module, a time-tracking module, the web-based customer care tool, and a web-based technician tool kit.
  • Global positioning software (GPS), global imaging (mapping) software (GIS), an electronic outsourced billing software, and major accounting software products.

For Whom Our Products Work

                                                              products work for 
                                                              companies in 
                                                              service and delivery 
Prism’s products work for many companies in service and delivery industries. Our software has a proven track record in water treatment, data shredding, and food & beverage distribution (e.g. bottled water, coffee, beverages, snacks, ice, tortilla) companies.

The beauty and sophistication of Prism’s products consist in the fact that our software distilled the characteristics of industries that employ a field force into a logical synthesis of similarities without losing the distinctiveness and uniqueness of each industry.

Prism’s software
Our software therefore serves a diverse range of companies that operate a field force in many different setups and under many different conditions (e.g. emergency or regular scheduling).

Yet from the perspective of our software, the diversity (e.g. route sales, service & repair, or pre-sales) does not affect the similarities that these companies reveal on the operational level.

                                                                                                            routing software
The software organizes each step in a multitude of possible ways, which turns Prism’s routing software into a comprehensive, reliable, and user-friendly solution. ROI is almost immediate.

At the same time, improved customer service and the opportunity for business expansion is the result of an operationally efficient field force business.


We create software products for:

  • CoffeeBottled Water
  • Snacks
  • Ice
  • Tortilla