Prism VS’s Work Order Software System - the Best Solution for Companies Performing Field Service

ServQuest and MiniMate work order software system.

ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ are comprehensive field service management and work order software that help companies performing delivery pre-ordered products, route sales, equipment, and other services in the field to organize and control their entire business process.

The comprehensive work order software is essential for any company that wants to be profitable, efficient and competitive. Our work order management software was developed by an experienced software team that closely works with the accounting and management professionals serving route accounting and equipment service companies. We have spent a lot of time in determining the organizations’ needs in work order software and have learned which things works and don’t work for the mobile worker to save minutes, hours and even days of their labor. As a result, we have succeeded in developing a work order tracking system that has a wide array of features and meets every necessary maintenance.

ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ work order software solutions provide the next features:

  • scheduling delivery pre-ordered and sold goods or services; 
  • assigning the work orders to delivery drivers and technicians for completion; 
  • guiding mobile workers with standard operating procedures and surveys; 
  • tracking the assigned work orders’ status; 
  • supporting the multiple assignments per work order and multiple work orders per employee; 
  • managing the service contracts and service appointments;
  • keeping customers informed of job status via email notifications; 
  • capturing customers signatures as proof of acceptance of completed work; 
  • tracking mobile workers’ location and time; 
  • accurate work orders history per worker, service, equipment item, etc.; 
  • providing a delivery or service profile for every customer address; 
  • easy searching and tracking work requests; 
  • sending announcements and alerts to the personnel; 
  • simple inputting data, including emergency tickets; 
  • reporting to provide business analysis and forecasting; 
  • powerful customization to fit the company’s business needs; 
  • easy integration with the company’s accounting and other systems. 
work order software solutions

With our ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ desktop and mobile systems, we offer you an indispensable work management solution that will help you to:

  • keep your business operation running smoothly, 
  • drive down your business costs, 
  • improve your employees’ and equipment productivity, 
  • increase your customer satisfaction, 
  • increase your business profits, 
  • grow your business.
 ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ work management solution