Prism Visual Software’s CRM for Small Business Specialized in Field Service

CRM for small business performing route sales, delivery, or equipment service.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers customer relationship management (CRM) software solution for businesses, including small ones, performing route sales, pre-order, delivery, and equipment service. Developed by our professional team CRM for small, middle-size and large business allows such companies:

  • to organize their business,
  • to grow relationships with their customers,
  • to sell smarter and make more successful deals.

Creating relationships with your customers begins with the first customer interaction with your company. The first contact plays a major role in creating a relationship with your new customer. Your sales and support teams should delight your potential customers and make all in their power to turn potential customers into your permanent clients and advocates for your products or services. Provided by our company the customer relationship management software can help you to realize this.

As well known, the success of any event is based on its organizing. Therefore, it is not surprising that well-organized companies are successful. We took into account this common truth and had built ServQuest™ – our CRM for small business – so it allows organizations to collect customer information from different sources and to have all information in the one place that enables easy access for everyone from the company’s stuff and ability to use necessary data with the purpose to sell more efficiently.

Streamlining communication and getting a complete view of your customers allows companies to organize the sales process in a more effective way. Our ServQuest™ desktop software package has various helpful tools that allow automating many companies activities, and as a result to save sales managers and representatives and office staff time. The inbound and outbound call center software included into our CRM system is designed to receive and handle the inbound telephone calls, initiated by customers and requests for sales products and services, account assistance, technical support and other inquiries made by your managers. So, you will be able to track each customer interaction with your company not only via e-mail but via the phone call too.

Creating an excellent relationship with your customers is key to your business success. Instant reaction to the customer request or question will help your company to earn your customers’ trust and increase satisfaction with the quality of your service. The customer purchase history, his/her interactions with your company, customer information from social media profiles will give you a 360-degree view of each your customer. You will know his/her interests, needs, preferences and requirements and will be prepared to offer products or service that can be interested in each particular client.

Our electronic route book included in ServQuest™ gives you the ability to schedule the custom servicing at the time, so you will be able to provide superior customer service with or without automated scheduling.

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