Prism Visual Software’s Solutions Integrate with the SAP Products

Prism's products easily integrates with SAP computerized solutions.

SAP, a German multinational software company, is known around the world as a provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that allows companies to manage their business activities. SAP applications provide companies with the ability to manage their finance, assets and costs, materials and products, personnel and customers, current and archive documents.

The SAP ERP system includes a vast number of solutions that can be grouped according to various criteria such as industries, technologies, businesses, and others.

The main categories of SAP solutions:

  • accounting,
  • logistics,
  • human resources,
  • technology,
  • other modules that require separate installation.

All SAP products can be divided into the:

  • enterprise management solutions: SAP ERP, SAP Business One, SAP Business ByDesign, and others;
  • analytics solutions: SAP Access Control, SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, SAP Cloud for Analytics, SAP Identity Analytics, SAP Crystal Reports, and others;
  • content and collaboration solutions: SAP Digital Asset Management by OpenText, SAP Mobile Documents, SAP Portal Site Management By OpenText, and others;
  • customer relationship management (CRM) solutions: SAP Accelerated Trade Promotion Planning, SAP Anywhere, SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP Configure, Price, and Quote, and other;
  • data management solutions: SAP Data Maintenance for SAP ERP by Vistex, SAP Data Quality Management, SAP Data Services, and others;
  • financial management solutions: SAP Access Approver, SAP Access Control, SAP Archiving and Document Access by OpenText, SAP Assurance and Compliance Software, and other;
  • human capital management solutions: Manager self-services add-on, SAP Assessment Management by Questionmark, SAP Enterprise Learning, SAP Communication Center by ANCILE, and other;
  • product lifecycle management solutions: SAP AR Service Technician, SAP AR Warehouse Picker, SAP Complex Assembly Manufacturing, and others;
  • supply chain management solutions: SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization, SAP Connected Logistics, SAP Direct Store Delivery, SAP Enterprise Inventory and Service-Level Optimization, and other;
  • supplier relationship management solutions: Ariba Cloud Integration, Ariba Contract Management, Ariba Network, Ariba Sourcing, Ariba Procurement, and others;
  • technology platform solutions: Accelerated application delivery, SAP Afaria, SAP API Management, SAP Application Interface Framework, and others.
Prism VS's products easily integrate with third-party siftware systems

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a software provider that develops software solutions for route sales, pre-order delivery, and equipment service companies. Our desktop, web, and mobile applications simply integrate with the SAP software and other popular accounting software.

4 Main Prism VS's software packages:

#1. ServQuest™ – a comprehensive desktop software package that empowers the effective management and monitoring of field service companies' business activities:

ServQuest desktop software package
  • warehouse and inventory management; 
  • stock level control; 
  • customers and vendors database management; 
  • inbound and outbound call center; 
  • customized invoices and bills; 
  • billing and payment management; 
  • managing online and offline orders; 
  • synchronized data across multiple channels; 
  • sales tools, and more.

#2Prism Dispatch™ – a complicated desktop software package that enables route optimization and provides visual dispatching:

Prism Dispatch™ route optimization software
  • advanced planning and scheduling; 
  • emergency tickets and changes in schedule;
  • monitoring status of the customer and work orders;
  • capturing data from different sources;
  • multiple routes management and optimization; 
  • route-map optimization by shortest distance; 
  • visual dispatching;
  • color-coded geographic areas;
  • informative reports and more.

#3. MiniMate™ – a powerful mobile application developed for mobile handheld devices running on the Android operating system:

MiniMate mobile solution
  • standalone database;
  • work order monitoring; 
  • tracking routes and work hours; 
  • connection with Bing Maps;
  • access to information anytime and anywhere;
  • automatic calculation of discounts and promotions;
  • collecting customer payments and signatures;
  • barcode scanning; 
  • real-time updates, and more.

#4. Web Store – a powerful web application that allows increasing product visibility and sales:

Web Store – a powerful web application
  • purchasing from desktop and mobile devices; 
  • access to the online store with or without logging in;
  • reordering from previous orders; 
  • taking orders during non-business hours;
  • special instructions for delivery;
  • email alerts for orders, updates, and promotions; 
  • order and invoices printing;
  • viewing active shopping cart; 
  • single log-in for multiple locations, and more.
If your company performs pre-order deliveries, route sales, or equipment service and uses the SAP software, our route accounting is the best choice for you.