Prism Visual Software’s Small Business Inventory System

Prism Visual Software’s Small Business Inventory Management System

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a software company with a great and rich history. For years from the day of foundation, our company has been developing software solutions for small, middle, and large businesses performing equipment service, delivery, route sales, and different field services.

Today, our software products are recognized by companies from more than thirty industries. The number of our clients continually grows because we provide computer programs that really can help companies to improve their business processes via automation and optimization of everyday activities.

With other software products, we can offer our current clients and potential customers the business inventory management system that includes:

and can be used by small companies as well as by large organizations.

Main benefits of using Prism VS’s small business inventory management computerized system:

  • centralized inventory management across multiple channels, 
  • automatically updating stock changes made in inventory software to all channels,
  • accurate inventory costing,
  • tracking inventory across multiple warehouse locations, 
  • using the barcode system, 
  • wireless barcode scanning, 
  • tracking inventory levels in real-time, 
  • monitoring inventory levels by warehouse, 
  • tracking items by the serial, party, or barcode number, 
  • great visibility and traceability of inventory on each step, 
  • eliminating oversells and over-reserve stock, 
  • preventing costly stock-outs
  • using different units of measure, 
  • multi-currency support, 
  • smart reordering, 
  • setting the reordering threshold for each item, 
  • Mobile stocktaking, 
  • exact customized reporting, 
  • easily integrated with the accounting software system.
Prism Visual Software's small business inventory management computerized system

Over the years, we have collaborated with our clients and therefore know that inventory management in every company slightly different from others. Our software team has designed the small business inventory management system from the ground up in such a way, so it is easily customizable and is versatile for the workflow of various companies from different industries. We always listen to our clients to better understand their needs and requirements, take into account their recommendations, and perform necessary customizations.