Prism Visual Software’s Small Business Inventory Management Solution

Prism's small business inventory management software solution includes ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ packages

Prism Visual Software’s small business inventory management system:

  • gives detailed real-time visibility of the inventory; 
  • enables collecting and holding on the single platform all inventory data received from different channels; 
  • allows managing inventory and storehouse employees for multiple warehouse locations; 
  • helps to increase the warehouse(s) efficiency; 
  • enables moving from the outmoded manual, paper-based inventory management; 
  • automates and optimizes processes of the inventory management and control; 
  • makes easier processes of controlling and supplying inventory levels; 
  • allows controlling and supplying vendors; 
  • automates and optimizes purchasing processes; 
  • enables providing advanced customer orders fulfillment;
  • saves work hours spent on data entry; 
  • enables higher control of the business processes; 
  • enables real-time monitoring stocks levels, as well as the inventory moving, from anywhere;
  • reduces the risk of goods run-out from the stock because of faulty information; 
  • allows responding to the customers' queries quickly and accurately; 
  • helps to convert customer orders into shipments and then shipments into revenue; 
  • allows reducing products holding costs by storing the right levels of inventory; 
  • allows preventing stock-out and overstock situations; 
  • helps to increase sales and a number of served customers; 
  • enables controlling the outgoing flow of the sold goods; 
  • is designed as a part of the software system developed to manage and control the field service company's activity; 

  • helps companies focus on the important things, and as a result, to be more productive; 
  • provides accurate, customized inventory reports; 
  • is very flexible and easy adapted to the company's needs; 
  • easily integrates with the most used accounting software; 
  • eliminates concerns related to maintaining and upgrading separate software applications; 
  • allows decreasing the company's IT costs.

Prism Visual Software, Inc., a software provider that understands specific of the small business, therefore, always design software products by taking into consideration all aspects, even the smallest ones. We have developed a small business inventory management system that includes ServQuest™ desktop package and MiniMate™ mobile application for companies from different industries performing the route sales, pre-order delivery, equipment, and other services in the field.

If you want to improve your inventory and warehouse management, our small business inventory management system is the right solution for you.