Prism Visual Software’s Multiple Location Route Planner

Prism Visual Software’s Multiple Location Route Planner

If you are looking for a smart fleet management solution, Prism Visual Software’s multiple location route planner is the right for you.

Prism Visual Software’s multiple location route planner helps companies:

  • To create the most efficient routes via:
    • optimizing the delivery routes for every vehicle,
    • planning the smart multiple-stop sequence, 
    • smart dispatching, 
    • vehicle load control. 
  • To optimize the mobile workforce via: 
    • reducing the drive time, 
    • balancing the workload, 
    • scheduling the delivery and service times, 
    • assigning the skill-based tasks,

    • dispatching the drivers and service technicians, 
    • regulating the stop times, 
    • providing denser time windows, 
    • reducing the time spent on the phone calls, 
    • communicating with drivers and service technicians via MiniMate™ mobile app;
  • To save time and money via: 
    • keeping cargos under control, 
    • tracking delivery drivers work time, 
    • controlling load capacity, 
    • cutting down the fuel costs, 
    • serving more customers.

Route planning does not have to be complex. We offer you the effective multiple location route planner for field service industries that enables better mobile workforce productivity with less fuel and effort and without stress.

We understand that each business is unique and, as a result, to meet the company’s business needs, routing software should not be one-size-fits-all. Our route planning software solution is easily customized. Simply enter your criteria and developed by us the multiple location route planner will provide you with the lowest cost route.

Benefits of using Prism VS's route planning software:

  • planning deliveries – balancing business costs with customers’ satisfaction; 
  • data analysis – making intelligent decisions and suggestions for the future; 
  • safety and security – enhancing goods and drivers protection; 
  • productivity – optimizing delivery routes and effective fleet management; 
  • reliability – guaranteed by our reputation.
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