Prism Visual Software’s Multi-Route Planner

Use Prism Visual Software’s multi-route planner:

• to improve:
  • scheduling and dispatching processes via their automating and optimization; 
  • driving instructions via creating turn-by-turn directions; 
  • customer service via efficient scheduling and timely delivering products and services; 
  • customer experience by performing customer support via phone or email; 
  • business reputation and company’s recognition because of providing high-quality customer service; 
  • revenue stream owing to the serving more customers for the less time;
• to reduce:
  • manual paperwork via automating the most business processes; 
  • driving time to customer locations because of creating optimized delivery routes; 
  • the delivery drivers’ working time via creating optimized delivery routes and eliminating overtime; 
  • passed milages to customer locations via optimization delivery routes; 
  • delivery costs by reducing fuel costs, vehicle wear and operating costs; 
  • the need for multiple visits via customer notifications about the delivery time and preventing deliveries to non-paying customers;
• to increase:
  • number of customers because of ability to serve more customers with the same amount of resources; 
  • customer satisfaction because of receiving the perfect service; 
  • delivery drivers’ safety by automatically tracking vehicle location; 
  • office and field employees’ productivity by optimizing business activity; 
  • resource and assets utilization via efficient planning the work processes; 
  • company’s profitability because of improving the o revenue stream.

The Prism Dispatch ™ multi-route planner is helpful for companies that:

  • want to save time by driving on optimized routes with multiple stops; 
  • wish to cut the transport costs by reducing the passed milages to customer locations; 
  • want to determine the daily schedule for every field employee; 
  • wish to see the multiple destinations on the same map; 
  • want to avoid driving on busy streets during rush-hours; 
  • wish to increase drivers’ safety by tracking their location;
  • wish to service more customers with the fewer resources.

The Prism Dispatch™ multi-route planner easy integrates with Prism VS’s MiniMate™ mobile application and ServQuest™ scheduling desktop software. These three components create powerful and complex fleet software solution that benefits any company performing delivery, route sales, or field service.