Prism Dispatch™ Mapping Software Solution

Prism Dispatch™ Mapping Software Solution

Manual routing is a time-consuming and onerous task; Prism Dispatch™, route optimization on the map software automates this process. No more spending hours on the manual planning your routes. Prism Visual Software's clear designed Prism Dispatch™ with the mapping software solution makes it easy to generate optimized routes in seconds.

Prism Dispatch™ mapping software allows to:

  • add input orders to the schedule
  • generate tickets for each driver
  • ensure the correct location of the points of delivery on the map
  • if it is necessary, make adjustments in the stops’ location
  • optimize the route on the map
  • control a number of all hours needed for the route passing
  • if the total travel time exceeds the working hours, redistribute a part of tickets between other drivers
  • for a new set of tickets, optimize the route on the map
  • keep created work day’s route for the driver

Our mapping software can be used by any business that makes pickups, deliveries, or multiple stops in a day. It allows them to spend less time on the road and serve more customers for the same time, and as a result, to grow business efficiently and quickly. Routing has never been easier.

Prism Visual Software's mapping software features:

  • Correcting addresses. In the case of wrong address, an operator can easily make changes in the stops’ location
  • Editing routes. An operator can add manual adjustments in the route any time after it is optimized and re-optimize the new route again.
  • Balancing routes. An operator controls whether workload evenly distributed among all drivers.
  • Saving routes. The past routes are available to view and plan future routes.
  • Dispatching routes to drivers. With the MiniMate™ mobile app for handhelds, drivers have the map with the optimized routes when they perform the delivery.

Don't lose time; invest now in the right tools to be competitive and to keep up with your competitors. Prism Visual Software's route software system, including mapping software, has many built-in functionalities and innovations for logistics operations.

The route optimization with our mapping software helps companies to save time and fuel every day, increase the efficiency of their drivers and serve more customers. So, companies’ owners can focus on their business growing.

Prism VS's mapping software