Prism Visual Software’s Inventory Tracking System

Advantages of using Prism Visual Software's inventory tracking system.

Reducing carrying costs and improving efficiencies are the main goals of any organization. Companies, which deal with inventory, well know how inventory desktop and mobile computerized programs can simplify the process of stock managing.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. has designed and developed the inventory tracking system that includes desktop and mobile components for companies (regardless of their size) that need more automation, flexibility, and accuracy in their warehouse control.

The key advantages of using the Prism Visual Software’s inventory tracking system:

  • does not require a significant amount of hardware and system expenses; 
  • easy to install and use, the special software knowledge is not required; 
  • speeding up the inventory management by optimizing inventory processes; 
  • eliminating paper works and reducing manual processes; 
  • providing the complete visibility of the supply chain; 
  • providing full control over inbound and outbound goods flows; 
  • making inventory management less time-consuming; 
  • minimizing the write-downs and write-offs; 
  • cutting down on inventory errors and identifying issues that could occur; 
  • saving money by reducing unnecessary costs; 
  • accurately reporting that enables powerful analysis of the company’s activity; 
  • forecasting the future inventory requirements and making the right decisions; 
  • integrating with the accounting and other software systems; 
  • customization to the company’s specific individual needs; 
  • increasing the company’s efficiency, productivity, and margins; 
  • processing more customer orders; 
  • increasing customer satisfaction through improving customer service levels; 
  • thorough training, support, and communication.
Prism Visual Software’s inventory tracking system
  • decreasing labor costs by optimizing the stock management and automating picking, receiving, shipping and other inventory processes; 
  • increasing the inventory turns by reducing the amount of time needed for shipment processes, stock replenishing, customers serving and other processes; 
  • eliminating out-of-stock situations and defining the optimal stock levels at the warehouses; 

We offer a fully optimized inventory tracking system that provides a wide range of capabilities allowing companies to improve the inventory management and inventory levels control.

With our inventory tracking system, you will always be informed about where your inventory is, in what quantity and condition. Access to real-time information about your warehouses, purchases, customers’ orders, shipments, work orders status and others will help you and your managers to plan, organize, manage, and control business activities.