Prism Visual Software’s Inventory Application for Small, Middle-Sized, and Large Companies Specializing in Route Sales, Delivery, and Equipment Service

Inventory Application for Small, Middle-Sized, and Large Companies

If you need an effective tool to manage your inventory that will work together with your accounting software such as Sage, SAP, QuickBooks, AccountMate, Microsoft Dynamics, and others, we can offer you a solution for your warehouse management. Our inventory app is easily integrated with the company’s accounting system via developed by our software team Order Connector and adds to the accounting system the additional functionality, so companies can effectively manage their inventory. Offered by us inventory app can be used by any company, but the most helpful is for organizations specializing in the route sales, delivery sold and pre-ordered products, and equipment service.

We offer you inventory software that provides tools essential to your business growth. Moreover, our inventory software solution can save you thousands of dollars as doesn’t require program modules and special hardware.

Prism VS's inventory application used together with your accounting software system enables:

  • managing inventory in multiple warehouses, 
  • avoiding overstocks and stock-outs, 
  • automatically generating invoices and delivery confirmations, 
  • eliminating the double data entry, 
  • improving the accuracy of the entered data, 
  • scanning barcodes instead of typing product information,
  • speeding up the reordering process, 
  • managing mobile employees’ work hours and payroll, 
  • simplifying the complex tasks and saving your time and money.

The growing business with inventory in different warehouses requires using an advanced inventory system for their managing and controlling. Our ServQuest™ desktop software system and MiniMate™ mobile inventory app enable monitoring product levels in each of your warehouses and transferring from one to another location.

inventory application

Finding a balance between overstock and out-of-stock in inventory is one of the main keys to business success. The sales history gives you information that allows making the right decisions about an inventory level your company needs at any time. The automatic repurchase helps you to restock products at the right time and exclude the stock-outs as well as overstocks. By eliminating the out-of-stock, you decrease the risk of losing money on the pending sales; at the same time, eliminating the overstocks allows saving your money on storing. MiniMate™ mobile computer program gives delivery drivers, service technicians, and route sales representatives access to real-time inventory data from anywhere.

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