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Serving Office Coffee Service Companies

Office coffee service

About Prism Visual Software

Prism Visual Software is:
  • 20 Years in business, 2 offices
  • Sold with a Full Accounting System or Extend your current Accounting System

    Full accounting system 
  • Configurable to your Operational Work Flow
  • Industries Served
  • Office Coffee Service 
  • Beverage & Food Distribution•Variety of Equipment Service and Asset Management Types
  • Direct Store Delivery (DSD)
  • Water Treatment Service , Salt & Bottled Water Distribution
Our Software’s Architecture

Prism Visual Software’s Architecture

Prism Visual Software architecture

Prism Visual Software’s Functionality and Focus


  • Sales people take orders on handhelds or through call centers to be delivered next day or later.
  • Pricing supported includes promotions and deals.
  • Sales people motivated with quotas.


  • Drivers deliver pre-order products.
  • Order taking and delivery is streamlined with inbound call centers, dispatching, and map optimization.

Route Sales

  • Drivers sell product off the truck.
  • Trucks are loaded optimally with suggested quantities based on past sales history or item par values.

Equipment Service:

  • Technicians install, pick up, exchange, and service equipment.
  • Onsite equipment and service history maintained.

Benefits of Prism Software Suite

  • Create invoices quickly on handheld computers.  Collect signatures & print them on site or EMAIL and Go PAPERLESS. Perform Deliveries, equipment service, installs and water tests 
  • Customer Quota Alerts ensure customers are buying coffee from you
  • Balance Workloads and reduce gas costs,  with routing, scheduling and dispatch map software
  • Reduce labor hours in the office and the field!
    • Office – Reduce paperwork, data entry and route reconciliation!
    • Field – Increase sales and price calculation accuracy!
  • Reduce aging with reminders and overdue invoice visibility on the desktop and handheld 
  • Email service reminders, invoices, statements and marketing materials with a click of button 
  • Manage pricing more easily and eliminate pricing errors 
  • Track Equipment installs dates and warranties and know when to sell an upgrade 
  • Change customer filters on a timely basis by setting up email and call reminders
  • Use Dispatch Systems to:
    • Reduce Fuel Costs and time to drive the route with route optimization 
    • Save labor time by sending the right tech with the right skill sets. Understand the service history performed already at the customer site before going there 
    • Cut overtime by visually balancing tickets on trucks to ensure tickets are balanced across employees 
    • Control inventory and shrinkage with desktop and handheld processes 

Desktop- Configurable Screens & “Google like” search

Servicing a customer is Fast and Easy
  • Search all fields with 1 “Google like” search
  • Configure Screen to have fields present the most important front and center
  • View Inbound Call center, Schedule, customer, water test or equipment

Desktop – Inbound Call Center 

Desktop inbound call center

Customer Service agent presented with all information about that site address (next delivery date, billing & payments, past conversations, other upcoming services, equipment & history)
Track all incoming calls and fulfill customer requests.
Send messages /tickets interoffice or to mobile devices.
Set follow-up reminders to ensure professional service.

Desktop- The Quick Ticket for Equipment Service Calls

Quick Ticket for Equipment Service Calls

  • Easily view equipment and track equipment details and history of service
  • Generate a quick ticket to dispatch
  • Easily interact with dispatch board to plan service date
  • Knoq what Tech is closest

Desktop- Route Book Entry for Delivery / Route Sale

Route book

For Each Customer Site Address (“Where”):
  • Setup Permanent Instructions or one time notes
  • Setup “What” – Most common items purchased with pricing 
  • Setup “When” – Recurring schedule for Service / Visits or one time
  • Track Cylinders or Deposits
  • Set driver , route, and stop sequence

Desktop - The Outbound Call Center

Outbound CallCenter

  • Set ticklers to call customers for orders, prospecting, collections, service reminders or filter changes
  • Assign calls to specific customer service representative
  • Place orders
  • Reschedule call 
  • View past calls

Tank Management  & Equipment Tracking

Tank mmagementand equipment tracking

  • Manage “IN” and “Out” of tanks easily for billing
  • Easily Generate Rentals for Equipment or Total Tanks with one Click
  • Track where the Equipment has been and Service history

Visual Dispatching and Delivery Planning

Delivery planning

  • Balance Loads per truck visually at ticket and driver level
  • Multiple Dispatch views to display different driver types (route sales, stewardess, or delivery) or offices
  • Drag and Drop to re-assign updating load sheets and trip sheets.
  • Re-sequence easily

Desktop Prism Mapping - Optimize and Track

Desktop mapping

  • Load addresses per route with one click
  • Optimize by Tech
  • Easily see where resources are, total time assigned and progress
  • Export GPX file to GPS Truck unit

Handheld - Sales Order, Route Sales & Delivery


Handheld - MiniMate for Service

MiniMate for service
Step Through Service Process: 
  1. Read problem, asset service history, and enter resolution with drop downs
  2. Install, Pickup or service asset
  3. Perform inspection or Water Test survey if required
  4. Collect Signature , Payment and print invoice
  5. Update main system Real Time or in Batch!

Handheld - MiniMate Inventory Control

Minimate inventory control
  • Process – Configurable to your warehouse inventory process for morning or night load. (Load, checkout, perform stops and check in, perform inventory requests)
  • Manage perpetual truck warehouses and replenish based on sales, averages actual orders or to a par
  • Easy search options
  • Option to use a checker to validate the load counts.

WebCustomer – Place Orders Online

Place order online

On Prism WebCustomer, your customers Can:
  • Place order or service requests
  • Print out completed tickets/ Invoices with signature