Features Provided by Prism Visual Software’s ERP Software System 

Features of the Prism Visual Software's ERP system

Prism Visual Software, Inc. develops the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system for companies performing pre-order deliveries, route sales, and equipment service to automate and improve the main parts of their business processes. With our ERP system, your company's business processes will come together for their collaboration and the fast decision making to enhance the company's productivity.

Our ERP system provides different essential functions that involve all your business departments by providing a real-time view of your data and processes. Our ERP system also allows streamlining workflows of every department for better decision making and its and company growth. 

Prism Visual Software’s ERP system features:

  • Integrated modules – all modules are tied together into a seamless system.
  • Purchasing and inventory management and control – provides the location, stock count, pricing, and other information about products or their parts, or materials.
  • Advanced scheduling – provides recurring schedules as well as emergency ones.
  • Dispatching – allows dynamically dispatching and routing the movement of drivers, technicians, and route sales personnel.
  • Inbound and outbound call centers – enables interactions initiated by customers or operators.
  • Web customer web sales - allows customers to submit new orders and check their status.
  • Route optimization – allows optimizing the use of vehicles, reducing fuel and labor costs, and completing more deliveries with fewer resources and less over time.
  • Powerful mapping – allows making the delivery to customers in the quickest drive time.
  • Order entry – enables creating sales orders.
  • Point-of-sale – enables improving business productivity.
  • Invoicing – provides creating customer billing documents.
  • Sales forecasting – allows creating better projections for future sales. 
  • Sales quote – allows creating, sharing, and tracking sales quotation documents.
  • Route management – ensures that drivers and service technicians execute deliveries according to the plan.
  • Mobile interface – provides real-time data for drivers or service technicians.
  • Time tracking – enables the time logging and reducing the labor costs associated with the working time.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) – provides managing customer data and tracking interactions with customers.
  • Work order management – provides work instructions for service, contract, or delivery.
  • Credit card processing – provides initiating credit card transactions. And others.
Prism Visual Software’s ERP system