Prism Visual Software’s ERP Software System

The Prism Visual Software, Inc. has developed the ERP system for organizations performing route sales, deliveries, equipment and other field services.

Nowadays, the business world is growing and changing rapidly. Thus, if you want to keep up with the times, you should quickly react to every change on the market and especially in your industry. Todays, highly competitive business atmosphere more and more demands from business owners to automate and computerize their business processes. Therefore, it is not surprising that most companies from small businesses to huge corporations use ERP software systems that provide and cover a variety of essential business functions.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. – a leading software provider – offers the ERP solution to companies specialized in the pre-order, route sales, equipment service, and delivery. Our software team closely works with the accounting professionals that have been serving route accounting and equipment service companies as well as with our customers. For many years we have been studying companies’ pre-order, route sales, delivery, and equipment service needs to create the software giving unmatched competitive advantages in the customer's industry.

We have developed an ERP software solution that consists of five main parts:

ERP software solution
  1. ServQuest™ desktop software package;
  2. Prism Dispatch™ desktop software package;
  3. MiniMate™ mobile application;
  4. Order Connector desktop software;
  5. Web Store web software.

Prism Visual Software's enterprise resource planning software system enables:

  • centralized framework for all business processes
  • improving coordination of different company’s departments
  • simplifies business processes and workflows
  • accurate inventory tracking
  • better forecasting
  • mobile functionality
  • taking scalable and flexible decisions
  • optimal using of business resources
  • lowering business costs
  • increasing business efficiency
  • increasing customer satisfaction and improving their retention
  • boosting business growth
  • customization to business needs
  • easy integration with the companies accounting software
enterprise resource planning software system 

Summarizing all above, we can add that offered by us enterprise resource planning software system is a computerized solution that helps to flow the proper information from different departments and provides your company’s activity with better visibility, control, and productivity so you can make the right business decisions.