Prism Visual Software’s Enterprise Resource Planning System Functionality

The functionality of the Prism Visual Software's enterprise resource planning system.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. has been designing software for companies executing route sales, pre-order, delivery and equipment service for more than twenty years and can offer today its actual and potential clients a result of its team’s many years work – the business process management software for enterprise resource planning (ERP) support, consulting, and implementation.

Our software team selects the best methodologies to meet your business needs and requirements and offer clients the enterprise resource planning software that can be easily implemented and customized. Customized to the company business processes’ enterprise resource planning software system doesn’t require changes in the business flows and enables employees’ smooth working. So, offered by us enterprise resource planning software system can be implemented as per your requirements, not the way around.

Prism's ERP system possesses a host of functionality, including:

  • Material and inventory management

Our inventory software enables facilitating the exact level of products in warehouse or stock and helps to provide inventory managing (including, identifying inventory requirements, replenishment, and monitoring the item usage) and inventory status reporting.

  • Finance resource management

Developed by us the financial software solution is closely integrated with the functionality of all the company's departments and allows generating financial reports for different departments.

  • Vendor and purchase management

Our purchase software solution streamlines procurement of the required raw and other non-inventory materials and is integrated with the inventory control system and supply chain process.

  • Sales and distribution management

Day by day, the customer order management getting easier with developed by our professional team the sales software solution that is closely integrated with the company's e-commerce website(s) and, at the same time, implements: order placement, order scheduling, shipping, and invoicing.

  • Human resource management

Our human resource management solution includes some different features such as time tracking, scheduling, performance assessment, attendance management, and facilitates reducing time-intensive administrative tasks and lowering costs.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software System Functionality