Prism Visual Software’s DSD Business System

Prism Visual Software’s DSD Business System

Do you want to streamline your direct store delivery (DSD) business?

Prism VS software DSD business system specially developed for the distribution industry is capable of helping you.

How can our DSD business system help you?

  • automate and optimize DSD business activities; 
  • increase sales and the number of served customers; 
  • provide a real-time picture of the financial situation;
  • reduce business costs and increase revenue, and more.

What does our DSD business software system include?

  • ServQuest™ – a DSD route managing solution, 
  • Prism Dispatch™ – a visual dispatching and route map optimization software, 
  • MiniMate™ – a mobile application designed for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile handheld devices.

What features does our direct store delivery software system provide?

  • route sales: invoicing; flexible invoice correction; tracking purchase orders; products list; customizing customer prices; automatic calculating of promotions and discounts; collecting digital signatures and payments; printing invoices to a mobile printer; emailing invoices with equipment terms and conditions, and more; 
  • route management: route map optimization; integration with Google Maps, and more; 
  • inventory management: purchasing and receiving items; tracking inventory locations and movements; detailed reporting; low-level alerts; barcodes scanning; inventory processing; tracking by serial numbers and tags (barcodes), and more; 
  • asset management: tracking assets (including customers placements) and their maintenance; recording purchases, status, and maintenance activity; assets history, and more; 
  • warehouse management: support multiple warehouses; tracking items location and their movement within warehouses, and more;
  • schedule: planning the day’s work; easily including emergency tickets; 
  • dispatch: visual dispatching; the connection between dispatchers and field workers; 
  • call center: inbound call center; outbound call center; customer call orders, and more; 
  • mobility: equipping field workers with delivery and sale instructions; service customers anywhere with or without the Internet connection; tracking field employees’ location and time; guiding mobile workers with standard operating procedures, and more; 
  • web sales: web store; email alerts of orders, promotions, and updates; automatical delivery massaging for each order, and more; 
  • web bill pay: receiving email alerts for payment; printing invoices with signature proof of delivery, and more;
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