Prism Visual Software's Customer Relationship Management Software Features

Features of the Prism's customer relationship management software.

Prism Visual Software's customer relationship management (CRM) software gives you a real-time comprehensive view of your company's sales activities. Dynamic reports give you full information about everything going on in your company, including comprehensive data about the deal size and the current place of your customer in the sales cycle.

Clients showing an interest in closing a deal or proceeding to a complete transaction create your sales potentials. As a rule, they request product details and quotes and make offers for payment. It is very important for any company to have an opportunity to recognize and manage sales opportunities which can give actual revenue. Our customer relationship management software helps to identify customers that are ready to avail themselves of the offered products or services. You can use information from different customer relationship management solutions, including external associated with other records such as contacts, products and sales history, and other. Knowing all aspects of the sales gives insight and ideas on how to improve your future deals.

To improve your sales, track all your sales opportunities, including customers’ accounts, contacts, and activities and your competitors on each business activity. To be successful, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses. The customer relationship management solution can help to build your business in the right way. If you don’t use and are only going to take the customer relationship management software, remember that it should be customized to your business needs.

Many businesses rely on one-for-all customer relationship management applications. As the practice, such solutions do not meet the specifics of each industry and business. Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers the customer relationship management solution to companies which activities mainly consists of pre-order delivery, route sales or equipment service. Our customer relationship management system reflects the corresponding business model and helps such companies to achieve desired results easier and faster.

Prism Visual Software's customer relationship management software features:

  • customer and asset management,
  • visual dispatching,
  • inbound, outbound, and collections call centers,
  • warehouse control,
  • equipment management and service,
  • inventory loading,
  • selling algorithms,
  • query report,
  • web centers to connect customers
  • route managing and mapping and other. 
customer relationship management software

The powerful features of our CRM software system:

  • helps to build and maintain relationships with clients; 
  • enables collecting, keeping, and manage the customer information; 
  • allows knowing which clients need the assistance and which employee can provide such assistance in the best and fastest way; 
  • enables performing the client account support; 
  • helps to eliminate manual processes; 
  • allows generating customers profiles automatically; 
  • enables personalizing customer interactions;
  • helps to simplify customer care; 
  • helps to organize and manage vendors contact information; 
  • enables real-time access to clients data anytime from anywhere; and more.

Prism Visual Software's CRM system consists of the desktop and mobile software that are grouped into two packages: