Use Prism Visual Software’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution with Other Software 

Benefits of using Prism Visual Software CRM system.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers companies performing route sales, pre-order, equipment service, and delivery a range of software solutions, including customer relationship management (CRM) software, that is combined into the comprehensive system, including:

Benefits of using Prism VS’s CRM System:

  • Developed by our team comprised of technology and accounting professionals customer relationship management (CRM) system allows users to efficiently build, organize and manage all their contacts: vendors, customers, employees, associates, and others.
  • The offered by us customer relationship management software (CRM) solution enables collecting customers to contact data and their purchase activities. Thus, sales managers and representatives have access to the customers’ orders and/or service the history that allows them to know each customer’s preferences and needs.
  • The MiniMate™ mobile application provides out-the-office staff such as drivers, equipment technicians and route salespeople with the full information such as sale instructions, contact information, sales history, account balances, delivery locations, and more.
  • Our CRM system enables real-time access to important information from anywhere: office, route, while visiting clients or vendors, etc. Moreover, multiple users such as office managers, route sales representatives, equipment technicians, drivers or other staff can have access to our CRM system at the same time.
  • The inbound and outbound call center included in our CRM software system allows personalizing customer interactions and simplifies customer care.
  • Our customer relationship management (CRM) software enables sales representatives to sell more effectively via optimizing sales performance and targeting products and services the most needed by customers.
  • It is not required to have specific technical or software knowledge for starting to use our software system. After the short and complete training provided by our staff during the implementation phase, your employees will be able to use the programs, including CRM software, without any problems. We also provide additional consultations and support services to both set-up and ongoing use of your customer relationship management (CRM) system.
  • If you require some modifications or programming additional functionalities or features to better suit your business-specific needs and requirements, our professionals always are delighted to help as we offer software solutions, including CRM software, which can be simply customized.
  • The developed by us CRM system is easily integrated with other software packages such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP, and AccountMate accounting software and email management systems.
Prism Visual Software’s CRM System