Inventory Management Software for Small Business

Inventory management for small business.

Inventory management is an important aspect of distribution and sales operations, including route sales. The success of a company performing sales and route sales to a large extent depends on the ability to deliver clients pre-ordered products and services at the right time. The small business is not an exclusion. Moreover, any small company needs to provide inventory management and control more сarefully and meticulously with the purpose to maintain the corresponding level of goods and materials in stock. The availability of goods at the right level is a key component of ensuring the small company's business activities and satisfying customer demands.

Our company specializes in developing desktop and mobile software for organizations performing field service, including route sales. We have developed many different computerized programs that help companies to run their business. Today, we offer large organizations, mid-sized companies, and small business the comprehensive inventory management software solutions. Developed by our professional team the software solution of the inventory management for small business is a package of integrated modules that enable performing the inventory management process in an effective way.

All our desktop programs and mobile applications are grouped into three main packages:

  • ServQuest™ - desktop software package to use in the office, 
  • Prism Dispatch™ - desktop software package to use in the office, 
  • MiniMate™ - mobile software for handheld devices to use on the route.

The main benefits of using our inventory management software system for small business:

  • easy in use and support; 
  • less working time on inventory management and control; 
  • effectively tracking quantities of products and materials in warehouses and stocks; 
  • the real-time information about inventory locations and quantities; 
  • eliminating understock and overstock; 
  • eliminating error while the data entry by using barcode scanners; 
  • accuracy in the inventory moving reports; 
  • quick access to the inventory reports; 
  • ability to make right decisions; 
  • customization to the specific business needs; 
  • integration with the accounting, ERP, sales and other software systems.

Companies should use our inventory management software developed for small business if they want to:

  • streamline sales and maximize revenue; 
  • increase efficiency and profitability; 
  • eliminate the out-of-stock situations; 
  • increase customer satisfaction.