Prism VS’s Software Solutions Used with Sage ERP Helps to Run Your Business

Sage ERP and Prism's route accounting software help to run business.

If you want to streamline and automate your pre-order and/or route sales processes, improve the delivery of your products or services, increase your customers’ satisfaction, don’t spend your time, and start to use Prism’s software solutions that will help your company to reach success and prosperity. Our company is specialized in developing software solutions for organizations performing pre-order and route sales, delivery, and equipment service. We are present on the market for more than twenty years and today offer our clients different desktop and mobile software that helps their business to grow.

Our route accounting software developed for route sales, pre-order and sales deliveries, and equipment service enable companies to manage their:
  • customer relationships 
  • resources and inventory 
  • pre-order and route sales 
  • delivery products and equipment services
  • payment processing 
  • entire business

MiniMate™ – our mobility-based solution – allows workers to take the data anywhere and serve customers anytime. With the MiniMate™ route sales representatives, delivery drivers, and service technicians have the possibility to collect signatures and take payments on the go via cash, check, or credit card. Mobile workers are able to use their favorite smartphones, tablets, or handheld devices.

Each of our software solutions is simply integrated with the Sage ERP – enterprise resource planning – system via the Order Connector specially designed by our professional team for synchronizing most popular accounting and ERP systems, including Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Sage, and others to Prism’s software. Sage ERP system – enterprise-class solution – used with Prism VS’s route accounting software allows you to manage all your core business processes and to accelerate reporting and collaboration. Used together those systems help to better understand the business costs and operational performance. Built-in functionality for various processes such as service, distribution, manufacturing, and others, allows organizations to accommodate their unique business rules. The easily scalable and quickly adapted to the changing needs of the growing business software makes it easy to manage not only large but the global business too.

Your business running has not to be complicated, and we can help you to find the right solution. Increasing your company productivity can be real. To reach the desired result, you need to use the right software systems that allow you to take control of your business processes and make effective forecasting. Contact us, and our consultants will help you to select a software package that best meets your company's needs and requirements, and which used together with the Sage ERP system allows you to turn your wishful thinking about your business into the real result.

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