Prism VS’s Software is integrated with the Sage Solutions

Prism’s Computerized Solutions easily integrate with the Sage Software

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a leading software and service provider that uses innovative technologies and focuses on developing software solutions for companies fulfilling route sales, pre-order, delivery, and equipment service. Our company was reputedly recognized and honored by known and highly regarded accounting and IT analytical organizations such as AccountMate Software Corporation, National Minority Business Council, Inc., Aberdeen Group, Inc., Accounting Technology Magazine, Computer World Magazine, Accounting Today, PDA Planet Magazine, and other.

For more than two decades, our professional team works hard to ensure that the solutions we develop to meet our customers’ real needs. We combine mobile and desktop real-time technologies to give you live information so you are able to make fast and informed decisions. Our ServQuest™ desktop software package and MiniMate™ mobile application allow completely automate and computerize our customers’ business process and its monitoring.


ServQuest™ route management and direct store delivery solution is the intermediary between mobile operations and accounting. Flexible and easy-to-use ServQuest™ helps to increase the operational efficiency via its numerous features such as inbound and outbound call centers, route book, scheduling, quick service ticket, route optimization, inventory control, direct store delivery (DSD) analytics, equipment management, tracking tanks, truck replenishment and KPI reporting.


MiniMate™ is designed to run on tablets, smartphones, and handheld devices on both Windows and Android operating systems. This powerful application streamlines mobile operations and eliminates paper works as well as gives drivers, equipment technicians, and route sales representatives all information they need: the route plan, customers' contact information, locations of deliveries, service requests, orders history, and more. Moreover, MiniMate™ provides route employees with sales tools such as collecting payments, capturing signatures, printing and emailing invoices, barcode scanning, and others.

Every solution, we create starts and finishes by offering our clients our expertise, support, and innovation. Therefore, we have designed our software in the way that they are easily integrated via our Order Connector with other clients’ applications, including accounting systems such as Sage software and others.

Prism VS's software solutions.

Sage software, including accounting system, is widely used as allows companies to manage:

  • their accounting and finances,
  • people and payroll,
  • payments and the entire business.

We understand how it is important for our customers to have a complex solution that can enable managing and controlling activities each of their departments and all company as a whole and so we pay attention to the integration of our ServQuest™ package and MiniMate™ application with the Sage accounting system.